LBNL Energy & Water
Management System


  • ISO 50001 is an international standard for managing an organization’s energy performance.

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) has implemented ISO 50001 as a way to ensure its energy and water management activities and efficiency savings are strategic, effective, and persistent.

  • LBNL was certified to ISO 50001 in September, 2020, after receiving DOE ISO 50001 Ready recognition in June, 2020.

  • Learn more about LBNL’s ISO 50001 Implementation

Operational Manual

LBNL's Energy & Water Management System (EWMS) Manual is the most critical piece of its ISO 50001 Program. LBNL makes this manual publicly available to serve as a resource for other organizations pursuing ISO 50001 and working to reduce energy and water consumption.

The manual --

  • Comprehensively documents every aspect of the system

  • Provides a day-to-day resource for staff, ensuring that activities are persistent, consistent, and integrated with Lab operations

  • Links out to the network of documents, systems, and data that define the program, serving as a road map for team members by providing quick access to the information and resources needed to do their work

  • Maps the ISO 50001 requirements to LBNL operational processes

“This is clearly one of the more robust and well thought out energy/water management systems and should be a model for other complex organizations implementing ISO 50001.”
- LBNL’s ISO 50001 Certification Report, Sept 2020